How Have You Been?

Things here have not really been all that nuts – I mean, things are always a little nuts, but nothing all that out of the ordinary. I have been hit with an overwhelming writers block that I can’t really explain. But, I am going to try. I think that I have SO much to say here, but I can’t say it…does that make sense? I’ve got a lot running through my mind. Career. Living situation. My dog. This one guy. But, none of it seems to be appropriate to discuss here at this time. Considering that these thoughts have been occupying my brain, not much has been on mind, which has led to writers block – maybe? Is that how that works?

So, since I have nothing substantial I can discuss today – let’s talk about clothes. I have been unsure of where I stood on clothing and shoes being vegan. I haven’t really been shopping for awhile, so I decided that I would just cross that bridge when I came to it. I still wear my silk tops, leather shoes and cashmere sweaters. To be honest, I wear them without batting an eye or without a second thought. A new Nordstroms opened here and I went with my Nana and my Mom to check it out (although, my mom had already seen it, she was invited as a special guest before it was even open – lucky lady). Anyway, it’s almost my birthday (which is a WHOLE other post in itself) and my Nana wanted to buy me a few things. I immediately ran to the Free People section (oh Free People, I love you) and found several things that are cotton and linen and so flipping cute I can hardly stand it.

As I perused the store, I found myself checking the clothing labels to see what each item was made out of. I heard myself ask a salesperson if they had any non-leather handbags. It was almost instinct and nothing that I had planned. To be honest, hearing myself ask these questions and seeing myself actively check clothing labels completely shocked me. I declared to my Mom and my Nana that I am no longer buying leather, silk, wool or cashmere. They didn’t really protest (my Mom did roll her eyes a bit), I just assured her that this is a good thing, it means my presents will likely be cheaper šŸ˜‰ Unless she buys me the Stella McCartney pumps I’ve been lusting over, then all bets are off.

Am I going to stop wearing my clothes that I already own? Well, I’m wearing a silk blouse today. So, the answer is no. I will likely get rid of some and eventually purge my closet of it all – but the things that I already own and currently wear – I’m keeping for awhile. I consider getting rid of perfectly wearable things just to replace them with vegan perfectly wearable things is wasteful. And I don’t believe in excess waste. When I stop wearing these items or they become totally worn down, I will donate them and replace them with vegan things. But, until then, I will wear my leather shoes. And my wool coats. And my cashmere sweaters. And I feel ok about it.

PS – If you haven’t already, please visit this! Updates very soon, promise!


One response to “How Have You Been?

  1. Thanks for posting this. It’s something that I’ve been thinking about recently as well, and you basically summed up my thoughts exactly!

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