Update: Exciting News + A Little Recap From Last Week’s Post

First, a really exciting announcement. My friends and I launched a new vegan cooking blog last week. I am so proud of it and it is still a work in progress – but it’s a labor of love. My friends (Chelsea and Melissa) and I are working really hard on it and taking it really seriously – it’s something we are so passionate about and we are really hoping the blog takes off in both the vegan and the non-vegan world. It’s a little blog about our lives and our friendship and our food – please check it out and tell friends about it: www.weareapplesandoranges.blogspot.com

So, this seriously isn’t going to become a diet blog even though that’s what it currently sounds like. Because, yawn. Who wants to read ANOTHER blog about some obsessive person trying to lose weight/restrict calories/etc. There are billions of those and I refuse to be one of them because despite what it seems like, I rarely think about my weight anymore, those days are long in the past. I do, however think about my athletic performance and my ability to run long distances and do long ass weekend workouts which is where most of my diet concerns come in.

With all that said, I am going to update you on my little diet experiment plus answer some questions I have gotten. All in all, it’s going pretty well. I’ve come to terms that I do need fun food in my life (hello, check out www.weareapplesandoranges.blogspot.com), I definitely need wine and I need some whole grains to make me happy. So, I’ve come up with a 90/10 approach. Six days per week, I am on my paleo vegan madness regime (which isn’t nearly as restrictive as it sounds – I’ll post more sample menu’s this week), but one day per week I’m “off” or three meals per week I’m “off”.

Being able to compete athletically has become strangely important to me, I run a 5k and wonder why I can’t shave a few minutes off my time or I want to be able to keep myself going around mile 8 when I physically want to give up. That’s what this is truly about. My posts here won’t revolve around dieting or competing or losing weight – but you will definitely see some of these recipes I’m trying on www.weareapplesandoranges.blogspot.com and they won’t be boring – I promise!
PS – I will still be posting here regularly. Less about food. And more about me.


3 responses to “Update: Exciting News + A Little Recap From Last Week’s Post

  1. i checked out the new blog and i love it – congrats!! hugs!!

  2. Thanks, Melita! It’s still a work in progress and we are still trying to figure out exactly how things are going to work, with three of us contributing. Lots of details 🙂 But, speaking on behalf of Melis and Chelsea, we love it and are so excited about it. I hope you keep reading 🙂

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