The Short Of It

I still really don’t have a lot of time to update (the darn boss is in town and that requires me to work harder). BUT, I’ve had a really great week.

My friend Chelsea is in town from Brooklyn (she comments here often) and is the most fabulous vegan I know – she’s been insanely helpful with my transition and she’s just fun to hang out with. I got together with her and our other vegan friend Melissa (who is equally as amazing as Chelsea) – we made the most delicious vegan meal ever and I laughed and smiled more than I have in a long time. Girlfriends are the greatest.*

I got enthusiastic approval to write for the local paper – vegan restaurant reviews here I come! I’ve been slightly slacking with this. But, I’ll let you know when things are posted.

I’ve extended this another week. Seriously, check it out and comment. It’s a great campaign and it would mean a lot to me. Plus, his book is seriously, seriously good.

In other news, I’m happy it’s April – I love the longer days and sunny skies.

*The recipes will be posted somewhere. Not here. Stay tuned.


4 responses to “The Short Of It

  1. ay congrats on your vegan restaurant reviews!! you are the bomb baby! no worries on the delay on the email, i know you are busy 😉 hugs!!

  2. conradvisionquest

    i wish i had kick ass vegan friends to hang with! you’re lucky! can’t wait to read the recipes…

  3. WOO HOO I can’t wait!

  4. <3. enough said.

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