An Introduction To Understanding + Book Giveaway

One of my closest friends in the entire universe is probably the most talented and intelligent person that I know. I’m not speaking out of bias – I’m merely speaking the truth about him. To continue with the truth theme, I could go on and on and on about what a rad guy he is – but I’m going to let you all discover that on your own terms. Also, remember when I mentioned some guest posting a few entries back? He’s someone to look out for – I plan on convincing him to write guest post here from time to time.

Justin Sirois and his friend and colleague Haneen Alshujairy have started a remarkable movement – the Understanding Campaign. The goal of this campaign is to break down stereotypes by teaching everybody to read just one word in Arabic because they (and I) believe that understanding starts with just one word.

Pronouced Fihm

ف = F
هـ = H
م = M

I really encourage you all to not only visit the Understanding Campaign’s Web site, but join the group on Facebook and add the link to your site or blogroll. I believe in this so much that I’m offering a little incentive to do so.

As I mentioned before, Justin is extremely talented and his writing is both intelligent and beautiful – the things that he is able to do with language are astounding. He and Haneen collaborated on a chapbook, Mlkng Sckls about two young Iraqi’s fleeing Fallujah.

So, here’s the deal – I’m going to send a copy of Mlkng Sckls to a commenter selected at random (Hey, J – wanna sign a copy for the winner? Let me know. If you say no now, you’ll look like a douche). There are rules though – to be entered – you have to either join the facebook group or add the link to your blogroll.

So, please check it out. Tell your friends. This campaign has the potential to be huge and amazing – so please, please, please contribute.

EDIT – Winner will be chosen on Tuesday morning. So you have until then to add and comment. YES.


4 responses to “An Introduction To Understanding + Book Giveaway

  1. i love the notion behind this campaign. فـهــم is a beautiful thing.

  2. that’s so awesome. and i think it’s rad that you used the word rad 😉 i think we should bring it back!! 🙂 hugs!!

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